Wine tasting or degustation is an interest loved by many people. Wine tasting is known as wine degustations in literal words. Wine tasting is the process of being able to differentiate between different types of wine and the difference between the same types of wine. In simple words, wine tasting is where an individual tastes different types of wine in a small proportion. There are different types of wine tasting process carried out by different types of professionals. Chianti Classico, based in Italy, provide one famous and popular wine tasting or degustation.

There are different types of tours and wine degustation in Chianti Classico. Chianti Classico is a vineyard and winery located in the Chianti region of central Tuscany. The wines of Chianti Classico are produced inside the Montemaggio estate by organic agriculture. Chianti Classico’s main aim is to organic agriculture and estate-grown organic products.

About the classic wines:
One of the popular wine degustation offer provided by Chianti Classico is its Total Immersion Wine Tour with a blind tasting. This package allows you to walk through the vineyard, gardens, and cellar with a guide explaining the entire process of winemaking and allows you to taste 8 of the organic products produced by the estate. The main feature that makes this package unique is its blind wine tasting. We feel and think about what we generally see.
Even though the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover, but we surely do judge a book by its cover; it’s our natural disposition to do so. Hence the sight is taken away from you in the process of wine degustation in Montemaggio estate. The eyes are covered by black customized glass, which makes you unable to see the wine served.
When lost sight, the rest of our senses gets heightened. Hence an individual can enjoy the taste of the wine without any prior prejudice and can pass judgment with the taste and smell.